Tax Donations

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Today is the first day of spring. With all the rain in the last couple of months, San Diego is the greenest I've ever seen it. Be sure to head out and see all the pretty flowers. I heard a lot of people are heading to Anza Borrego Desert Park to see the colorful wildflowers. They should stay blooming the rest of this month and April. With Spring, comes tax season. If you haven't filed your taxes yet and made non-cash charity donations, I thought I'd post this donation value guide from Goodwill to help with your taxes. Happy Spring and Good luck! Category Item Type Price Bedding Bath Towel - $1.99 Bedding Bedspreads - $6.99 Bedding Blankets - $3.99 Bedding Comforter - $6.99 Bedding Curtains - $2.99 Bedding Drapes…
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