My February

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to update my blog. Besides the holiday months of November and December, February is one of my more busier months. Every year I have Chinese New Year, Valentine’s day, my birthday, my Dad’s birthday and Toby’s birthday.
This year I was fortunate enough to close escrow on a dream home for my client. This one-story home is located in a quiet area of Mira Mesa with a very open layout.

Overall, the whole transaction went very smooth. The house did have some termite damage according to the wood destroying pest and organisms inspection report. In this report, there’s a Section I and Section II. Section I items are issues where there’s evidence of active infestations or conditions that have resulted from infestation. Section II items are recommended repairs where issues noted may likely lead to infestation in the future. Normally, if written into the contract, the seller will take care of the Section I items. Even with this issue, our team and the listing agent’s team were very efficient and were able to close escrow 3 days earlier than expected!

In February, I also traveled to Salt Lake City for a work conference. It just so happen to snow the week before. So of course I had to go night boarding. I drove up to Brighton Resort because they were only 45 min away and closed pretty late at 9pm. They had 3 lifts open: Explorer, Majestic, Crest. I exclusively went on the Crest lift because it went the highest. I had a really awesome time. The mountain wasn’t packed at all and there was no wait to get on the lift. They still had the terrain parks open and there was still a good amount of powder. There were also instructors around teaching beginner classes. If you’ve never been snowboarding before and want to take a class, night time may be better because there’s definitely less people. The mountain was very wide and there was plenty of room for everyone. For anyone that wants to go snowboarding, I would definitely recommend Brighton Resort.